What to Do After You Bought Your First Condo

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Nothing quite compares to the feeling of accomplishment and success in purchasing and acquiring the keys to your first condominium after years and years of saving. Genuinely owning your living space would enable you to afford the luxury of having a bit more leeway towards some of the alterations in your flat and sincerely calling the place your very own.

The effect it has on you is both rewarding and genuinely satisfying, after all—you would no longer have to worry about monthly rentals, rude and intolerant landlords and landladies, etc. Although you need to exercise a bit of caution though as depending on your standard payment scheme, you still run the risk of getting evicted should you default on your payments.

But regardless, it is a significant milestone in life that should be truly celebrated by anyone who has already been fortunate enough to achieve it. After all, in a time wherein economic state remains erratic and the prices of commodities are always ranging from borderline affordable to moderately expensive coupled with the real estate’s high rates, obtaining your place does not come as an easy feat.

So, if you have managed this somewhat challenging and exorbitant undertaking, give yourself a brief pat on the back. However, buying your address is just the first of many challenges you undertake during your campaign in comfortably settling into your brand new condo unit.

Below are a few steps you need to do away with sooner rather than later.

1.) Change the locks

Whether you are billeted in any sort of condominium may it be a condo in Makati, BGC or Mandaluyong, if you bought it from a previous owner, chances are they still have the keys to your existing lock. Or the same owner may have hidden a key in the same storage spot he did for years which may go into the wrong hands. So, stay safe and change your locks as soon as possible.

2.) Forward your mail

This one is easily overlooked but incredibly imperative once you have already moved in. One of the first and key things you should consider when moving into a new flat is forwarding all correspondence to your existing address. Although electronic mail is something that exists nowadays, there are letters of correspondence that are sent traditionally through snail mail.

3.) Decorate aesthetically

Remember, you own unit now and depending on your contractual agreement with the condo owner, you may be free to make specific alterations in your unit. Before finally settling yourself in, give your condo space a bit of personality that is definitive of who you are so that you could truly call it your own. Build a comfortable and visually appealing environment which you can see yourself living in for the long-term.

4.) Introduce yourself to your neighbors

Say hello and make some friends. Do not become the kind of neighbor that no one sees except for those rare times they come home late, rowdy and drunk. Remember, these are the persons close to you and would be the first one to respond should anything awry happen to you in your unit. So, instead of lounging around in your unit the entire day, go and get yourself out and introduce yourself to some friendly faces. You will never know, but you may just end up making lifelong friends.

5.) Call the exterminator, if necessary

If you have bought the place from its previous owner, you will never know what sort of bug infestation the place used to have as it is not immediately obvious (considering the previous owner would want to impress and present it to you in the best light). The previous owner may be a neat freak, but that does not stop these little critters from taking up residence in vents and plumbing areas—especially if your unit is situated in an old tower. So, say bid those critters adios and call in the exterminator.

Consider that although you may have successfully bought your first condo unit, turning it into your very own home is an integrated process of giving it personality, introducing things to it that are unique and personal to you and finally settling in. You have passed a significant milestone; now it is time for you to own it indeed.

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