Five Effective Ways to Save on Home Renovations

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Houses throughout the years go through varying degrees of wear and tear, and more often than not, this not only deteriorates the value of your home but the way you experience living in there as well. However, it is much more affordable to repair your existing house and lot in Cavite than to buy an old one, this is why most people would opt to renovate their homes than buy a new one altogether.

But there is a catch: Renovations can be somewhat costly, and if you are not careful enough, you might end up spending more than what you wanted to or exceed your allocated budget for renovations. So much so that when you accumulate the cost, it will total to almost what a brand new home would cost.

Fortunately, there are various ways you can renovate and repair your homes without breaking the bank and staying within your budget. What you need to do is come up with a compromise. A realistic budget, one that you can afford without compromising the overall quality of how renovations and repairs are finished. This means you do not cheapen out. The logistics of planning an improvement may be complicated, but with proper design materials and timing, costs can be cut without cutting corners.

This article will show you some of the ways you can give your home a makeover from doing it big (such as knocking it down and starting over) to something light and inconsequential such as choosing the right wall sconce.

However, do save up a bit as there it is a universal truth that when little renovations are done, these little details will add up and contribute to the overall effect. This rings true whether you are renovating a condo or a residential home.

Increase in efficiency, not size

If you find yourself wanting a square footage for your kitchen, all you may have to do is reorganize and equip your kitchen with all the essentials needed for maximum utility. You may not need to blow out the walls to achieve just that. You can start by replacing large shelves with cabinet-height pullout drawers that are wider. Additionally, this should contain racks for kitchen items.

Bring in natural light

Before you consider cutting up holes in your walls, think a less invasive way of introducing natural light. This is way less expensive and quite easy to do. Brightening up a windowless room is as comfortable as installing a “light tube” which is designed to slip between roof rafters and would funnel the sunshine down the living space.

It would amaze you just how much you can save by bringing in natural light to your rooms this way.

Consider long-term costs, not just the short-term gains

If you are planning to renovate, consider what is there to win not only for the short term but the long term as well. It is in this case that quality beats quantity. So, even if you have to shell out a few extra pesos for a renovation, consider if it gives you better long-term options.

After all, you might be skimping on costs today, but if the improvements you introduce are not of quality, you will end up spending more in the oncoming months once they start breaking down.

Consult an architect

Depending on the scale of renovations you are about to do, you may not exactly need an engineer’s pundit advice which would invariably include great meetings, several sets of construction drawings and multiple job site visits—which, when accumulated, could cost you.

However, you may be able to gain an architect’s perspective and design savvy by having him undertake a one-time design consultation which would cost you considerably lesser and would give you a better insight about what to do with your renovations.

Decisions should be made early on

Start scouring the aisles of hardware stores, home centers, and home depots way before your assigned wrecking crew are set to do their work on your home. Decide on which fixtures and appliances you want and an idea of how much they cost in comparison to other brands.

In this way, come wrecking day, you would not have to go to your nearest home depot and decide on the first things you see without having a price comparison as you would already know where to go beforehand.

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