Are You a First Time Guest on Airbnb? Then Eyes Here!

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Ever since the conception of a novel idea wherein house owners could lease out their homes and condominium units to guests for a short while and for a promised fee, people have been flocking online to get their bookings instead of having themselves billeted at a hotel or a motel. This is precisely the innovative idea that caused the inception of Airbnb, a website solely catering to people who are willing to list their homes for rent and lodging as well as serving people who are looking for the same. This ease of access makes it cheaper than the hotel accommodations alternative and relatively safer than booking a listed ad you have seen elsewhere.

Though the website may have existed since way back 2008, it has only been available and been making waves in the Philippines fairly recently—making this somewhat new to Filipino users. This ingenious idea has opened owned condominium units from amaia condo cubao to existing residential homes in amaia homes lipa to backpackers and bnb guests by their relative owners. So, if you are taking this Airbnb plunge for the first time, then here are five tips you must consider.


Though Airbnb’s website seems fairly straightforward and you would only need to click a location, a check in date and a check out date, you would still need to make sure you are clear in your accommodation needs. Narrow down your search according to how many guests would be staying, the rental type preferred (whole apartment, private room, shared room) and a budget idea. The hosts are fairly specific about what they do and do not allow. Experiment around with the search functions and you may find just the perfect place to stay in.


Say you have found that perfect rental options, now it is time to contact your host and develop a mutual trust. However, as you check his or her page, you have found no available reviews. As a first timer, you are strongly advised against booking with a host who has not had any reviews yet as this would give you an idea of what the previous guests have experienced in staying there. Apart from the reviews, look through host’s photos and check if they are Airbnb verified. As this is your first time, it would be best if your host’s approach would give you utmost confidence when it comes to staying with them.


Most of the hosts actually live with you while you are billeted at their unit, so for the duration of your stay, you would be living in close proximity with them. So, if you are looking to book a room, send a message and contact the host first as this would also give the host an idea of who they are letting into their home. This is also where some of your concerns can be addressed (Is there a smoking area? Are kids allowed?). If the host is flexible to your needs, you might just reach a compromise with them.


Considering that most of these hosts would share a breathing space with you for a duration of your stay, it would be best if you built some sort of friendly rapport with them. Do not be the type of guest who would just stay for a while and leave without having any sort of interaction with your hosts. Be conversational with them, even prior to your stay as this would make your stay with them a lot easier and a lot cozier.


You are on a holiday so relax and chill! The hosts are usually a friendly bunch and would do their best to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible. Introduce yourself and your company to them and they will likewise do the same. Do not be afraid to make some practical requests as they will be more than happy to accommodate you. It would also be great if you could have a little bit of time each day to chat with them. This would not only mean you would have a great stay, but it would give you the chance to make a potential friend as well.

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