Five Factors in Choosing a Family Oriented Neighborhood


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Having children or expecting children tacks a very unique yet pivotal aspect into your criteria in selecting a home in which to rear them: The neighborhood must be family friendly. Having a great home with a sprawling lawn adequate enough for children to play just does not cut it, as parents you need to consider the sort of environment your child will spend a majority of their time growing up in.

Admittedly, this is quite an enormous decision as in one way or another, the kind of environment you choose for your children to grow up in would have an influence on the landscape of their upbringing. Although it could feel like a daunting task, it is nevertheless manageable but considering that this is not only an exciting phase but a crucial one in your lives as well, you have to be very meticulous when it comes to choosing a neighborhood in which to rear children. But do not put too much pressure on yourself, there is an array of kid-friendly neighborhoods out there and picking one right off the bat should be an easy feat, just make sure that the environment you do choose has a couple or several of the following factors below.

1.) Amenities for Children


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An ideal location to raise children will come equipped with a multitude of kid-friendly amenities. These amenities can range from little parks, playgrounds with swing sets, soccer goals, and sprawling yards are just some of the features you should look for. Supposed you are moving into high-rises instead of residential homes, do make sure that it comes equipped with facilities centered around children or with kids as the focus, this should include a kid pool, an arcade perhaps or a mini playground and park where the children can play so that whether you are billeted in a condo located in bgc or in Alabang, your children are guaranteed to have something to do during their free time.

2.) Sociable People


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While checking out neighborhood prospects, try to assimilate yourself with the locals by starting out conversations with them. Do not hesitate to chat with people you find hanging around in the parks or grounds, ask parents what they like about the neighborhood and what they do not and of course, tell them you are considering moving into the area. This will give you an insider’s view about the kind of neighborhood you and your family would be moving into.

3.) Visible Kids Playing Outside


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This is a good indicator that the neighborhood you are checking out is a kid-friendly location. When you have spare time, scout the area and do some reconnaissance by driving around the neighborhood on the weekends. Do this at different intervals throughout the day as it will show you different facets of the neighborhood (such as kids going to class, playing outside before or after dinner, etc.). Try to be on the lookout if your neighborhood is filled with seniors as this will be counterintuitive to a kid-friendly neighborhood. You would want your children to play with children more or less their age, so it is best if you look for a neighborhood teeming with kids around their age bracket.

4.) Proximity to Necessities

Be aware of what your family specifically needs. A neighborhood may be great, but is appropriate and right for you family? Suppose you have kids that need to be in daycare, make sure the neighborhood you do choose is just a few minutes away by car or is within walking distance. Additionally, the proximity and distance of your children’s schools should be of paramount consideration most especially if your kids are still at an age where they could not make the daily commute on their own as this would mean, you would have to drop and fetch them off from school.

5.) Safe Environment

A safe environment for children to grow is a parent’s bulwark against apprehensions and uneasiness as regards their children’s safety so it is only imperative that the potential neighborhood you are moving into should be safe. Observe the surrounding area of the neighborhood, is it near dangerous railroad tracks? Near establishments that are otherwise less than desirable for raising a family such as bars and clubs. Make sure streets are well lit as well and if you are living in a high-rise tower, make sure you are confident with the type of security it has.


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