Five Reasons Why Owning a Condo is better than a House and Lot

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As of late, condominiums have been sprouting like mushrooms, and they have been dominating the residential sphere lately—most especially in the commercial and urban zones in the country. From the lush gardens of rural Philippines to the sprawling cities in the Philippines such as Bonifacio Global City, there has been an abundance and proliferation of these condominium towers. For the single and somewhat busy individual, this is the best alternative to owning a house and lot. Additionally, these condominiums are billeted in places near industrial places making it a convenient dwelling for the perpetually occupied schedules of these people.

However, some of you might be thinking twice as to whether a condominium might be a worthier investment than a rooted in land house and lot. Well, for those of you contemplating this issue and weighing their options, here are five reasons why owning a condo is a lot better than a house and lot.



Without a doubt, traffic has been getting somewhat unbearable lately, and for those individuals who have to take a daily commute or have to drive to work, this can be an annoying inconvenience and hassle. The long regular travel leaves little room for anything else, is quite tiring and would make individuals less productive–this is especially true for individuals living in far-flung areas wanting to do overtime work yet are unable to because of the irksome traffic. To address this issue, living in a modern condo will significantly assuage your commuting and driving concerns as some of the condos set up are minutes away from offices.


Installing a pool or even something as nondescript as a simple gym equipment in our homes can be quite pricey unless you have deep pockets. Most condominiums already provide these amenities with hardly any added cost. The comforts, luxury and the security detail of condos are some of the aspects that make it practical to live in a condominium rather than in a house and lot. Although owning a house a lot may be the majority’s propensity when it comes to investing in a home, do not discount the fact that condominiums do offer a similar kind of living but without the hassle of going to the city and the repairing of fixtures and tending of lawns and gardens.


In today’s constant hustle and bustle of daily life, almost everyone is looking to own a condo apart from a house and lot for practical reasons such as convenience and thus making your condominium a whole lot easier to sell. Apart from that, the amenities, proximity and building feature complemented with the lesser cost would draw would be buyers to purchase a condo compared to a house and lot. One of the significant features a condo has been the location as most condominium towers are located far from business centers that would significantly reduce the daily commute to and fro work, and there is an ease of access to primary hubs. This can hugely impact its selling value.


Though owning a condo is mostly more appealing to singles, newlyweds or those with a small family, it is undoubtedly practical. Currently, a lot of individuals in the Philippines want to immerse themselves in the city life mainly because better career and job opportunities are offered. Those living in the provinces, for example, may find themselves wanting to choose to live in a condo rather than a house and lot because of its accessibility. Condos are designed to be placed in strategic places where there is an ease of access to commercial establishments such as malls and entertainment areas, as well as hospitals and schools that would make for a hassle-free and convenient living.


Over time, condos in highly urbanized areas and city increase in value. Apart from that, if you are an individual looking to purchase a condo for reasons other than occupancy such as investment perhaps, buying a condo unit would be the practical route as it is a lot cheaper than investing in a house and lot. Lastly, the purchaser need not worry about property maintenance, and he or she would be assured that he spent his money where it would thrive.


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