Feng Shui Ideas for Your Home This 2016


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As a brand new year commences, it is best to welcome good energy, luck, and energy into our homes and this 2016; there are various excellent ideas to do that by utilizing good feng shui. This year is teeming with potential for great feng shui energy that can attract a lot of prosperity.

Specifically, the southwest Bagua area of your home plays host to a very favorable feng shui star in this year. The feng shui star for this year resides in the Wealth star number 8, and that element is Earth which incidentally is also the element of the Southwest area.

So whether you are living in a high rise bgc condo or a residential area, it would not hurt to welcome good fortune into your homes for this year. To accordingly prepare the Southwest area of your home for great fortune and good 2016 feng shui here are various tips to do some redecorating.


• The Southwest area of your home is a great area to store your financial papers for this year. Additionally, it is the best place to display your feng shui wealth vase and decorate with your favorite wealth feng shui cures such as Chinese coins, the gem tree, and the money frog, etc.
• Be sure that the energy in the southwest area of your home is clean and beautiful as this keeps the energy in that area fresh, flowing and happy.
• Décor items that introduce the fire and earth feng shui element are great additions to your homes (utilize colors and items with this aspect) and it is best if you avoid the presence of the Metal Element. Feng Shui crystals are rather advantageous in the Southwest Area of your home for this year, and you can choose either citrine or Pyrite for their connection with wealth. Amethyst for purification and the Tiger’s Eye for strong protective earth energy.


• For the Southeast area of your home, utilize the White Star #1(of water element) as it brings beneficial energy to your home and overall success and good luck energy that is highly associated to career success. For this area of your homes, add as many water element decors as you can as you desire. Blue or black pillows, rugs or blankets or even images of water or small decors with water features. With this in mind, go for flowing shapes in your overall décor theme.


• The star of Future Wealth is in the East area of your home for this year which brings many blessings with it. It cultivates the element of the visiting star, so display feng shui money cures in this area such as Chinese coins tied with the mystic knot and the money tree.
• Remember the rule of nines when it comes to decorating the east area which means decorating this area should be strictly in nines ( nine candles, nine dzi beads, etc)
• The east area of your home should be abundant in fire element colors, shapes, illustrations and items. Items that have dominant fire attributes should be liberally applied such as fire colors, shapes, and illustrations. Be creative in utilizing these items.


• If you are looking for luck in the area of love this year, the west bagua area of your home is hosting the favorable feng shui of love, romance, and education. To activate the love energy for this year, decorate this area with the double happiness sign, a pair of mandarin ducks or 2 hearts with rose quartz crystals. This area should also play host to lush green plants.
• If you are looking for a prosperous career or would like to acquire more knowledge in a specific field, the east area of your home should be filled with your books and studying materials.
• When it comes to career success, the feng shui star that will help you is the white star # 6 which is a Metal feng shui element. Be creative with your feng shui cures by introducing a metal element décor item that would augment your career energy such as introducing images of successful people you want to emulate in a metal frame,


• The south area of your home is also an excellent place for feng shui crystals which can be displayed beautifully. Utilize six crystals from any rock variety and in any form. Pyrites would work auspiciously in the South bagua of your home.


For this year, do not only endeavor to bring a fresh new spin into your abode but introduce a bit of luck, good fortune, and prosperity in the form of feng shui as well.

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