Are You and Your Home the Perfect Match?


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We have all grown up believing that in relationships, we make the lifelong commitment to marriage to someone who is our perfect match.

However, how is it that we spend quite a substantial sum on buying our first flat and perhaps intend to live there for years yet neglect to find out if the residence we have chosen is genuinely our perfect match? This is quite an oversight on most of us, to be honest. After all, a house does not indeed become one’s home if one has not quite established that he or she is meant to take up residence there and if they indeed are the perfect match.

House hunting may seem relatively straightforward: Have a list of your requirements, a workable budget and a list of features you would want to have which depends on how much you are willing to spend. Mostly, the formula is your requirements plus your budget minus the essential features you could not afford. But this is not always the case for every homebuyer, some take it a step further than the norm and trust their instincts and gut feelings on whether the home they bought is their perfect match.

These signs are not quantifiable by analytical expressions but are measured instead by an aspect beyond numerical figures. These are the indications or signals that give you a brief nod that the home you are viewing or are currently residing in is right for you. Planning to buy a home? Or perhaps wanting to do a quick reevaluation whether the home you purchased is good for you?

Well, whether you may be living in expensive and posh estates, expensive condo towers or suburban residential areas, this article aims to tell you what those signs are.


Potential first-time homebuyers ideally have a list of non-negotiables. It may be something as nondescript as a sprawling garden or a backyard pool or something more specific such as living somewhere in an estate like Nuvali or Alviera or a condo that is strategically near the city (thus making a condo in New Manila the perfect pick). This is that only consideration that potential homebuyers would never compromise for anything as this particular feature would make them a lot happier and more satisfied or would fit their lifestyle and needs substantially.

There is a broad range of ultimate non-negotiables and it contains a multitude of facets from policies, house types, and property developers to home features. Whatever it may be, make sure that even if your house does not have all the features you want, it would, at least, have your non-negotiable features.


Living in a sense that you do not only come home to the place to eat and sleep but somewhere you can even spend relaxing moments, entertain friends and just generally be in during your down times. You are investing in a home after all and not a bed space. The hallmark of having a home that fits you is if you are genuinely able to envision yourself living in it for quite some time. This is a valid attestation and testament that the house you have selected is you and that you can see yourself enjoying life while living there.


One of the aspects of having a great residence and home is having an excellent community. When you can potentially see yourself warming up to the people living closest to you or even having them over for some get-togethers and dinners, then you will know that you and your home are the perfect matches. Primarily, a welcoming feeling and friendliness within the community foster the sense of belongingness and with this comes the impression that you have taken up residence in an area where you can see yourself in for the long haul.


There might be houses that feature more of your wants and dreams in a house albeit they belong to others, but you find yourself still seeking the comfort of your home. You feel that nothing compares to your abode despite seeing lavish houses that throw shade at the one you have chosen. This happens when you start comparing every other property you know to the one you have chosen, and inevitably, you will realize that nothing compares to it.


Just like when you know that your girlfriend or boyfriend is the one you are meant to spend eternity with, finding the right home for you will give you that feeling of just knowing it is intended for you. Similarly, you will realize what it is about this house that clicks that made the others unqualified and unfit for you. Regardless of what it may be, you have that feeling out of the blue, and it may be the unlikely house you have neglected to check during the initial visit.

Consider that finding a good home that would fit you for the long haul, you need to ascertain that it is made just for you or at least suitably fits your lifestyle. With the signs given above, it should give you an idea of what or how to feel when you have found the perfect house for you. So that come moving in day, your house would not just be a house but a home as well.

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