How To Decorate Your Small Flat for Christmas


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The streets are decked with colorful Christmas lights, the air is thick with Christmas carols and jingles, the atmosphere is filled with anticipation and delight, and the overall ambiance has that palpable feel of merriment and euphoria—it is that holiday time ladies and gentlemen, the eager advent of Christmas morning.Everywhere you go, the Christmas cheer seems to be noticeable. From the avenues of Bonifacio global city to the individual houses in Makati. It looks like every Filipino wants a piece of Christmas to come home to every night and there is no denying that you would want that for yourself as well.

You might be living away from home and on your own, but it would certainly detract your attention from being lonely on Christmas day if you had a bit of Christmas spirit in your home. However, the logistics in holiday decorating might not be as easy and manageable in big spaces as it is in smaller flats—you need to be a lot more selective in choosing your Christmas decorations and strategically precise in placing them to save up on space. Additionally, it would be impractical to invest on a Christmas tree and plop it where it occupies so much space.

Well, to help you get the holiday rush in decorating, this article will walk you through the different decorating alternatives you can utilize for your small flat this holiday season.


Living in small spaces presents an array of decorating impediments that homeowners may have to traverse– the foremost of which is the Christmas tree conundrum. When it comes to small spaces, propping a tree might present an issue on space, so to negotiate with this decorating quandary, opt to utilize wall decals instead. You only need to look for a blank wall to stick it on, and your home is already in festive spirits. Some decals may even be stuck on windows or any flat surfaces leaving it accessible for you to save up on space while creating that Christmas atmosphere in your home.


Locally, houses in the Philippines do not come installed with a chimney, so most of us hang our Christmas stockings on the stairs– but what about those who do not have homes with staircases? Sure, you may want to install them in your home by nailing it to the wall, but some condo policies may prevent you from doing this. To get around this problem, hang your Christmas stockings on monogram hooks that may have holiday themes. After that, you can find a stick-on hook where you can let your Christmas stocking hang from it.


Hanging Christmas ornaments around your flat is a surefire way to get the Christmas feel surround your home. However, in a small space, it would look cramped and would give the overall feeling of suffocation. To compromise, collect your prettiest ornaments and gather them inside a box and place them as a table’s centerpiece atop a Christmas mantel and see your seemingly empty table get that holiday cheer and feel.


You might not be entertaining guests in the master bedroom, but that does not mean you should neglect to decorate it. As such, even though you are the only person who might see it, decorating your bedroom for the Christmas holiday can go a long way and will certainly grant you an uplifting mood every time you see it. Change your sheets into something more festive and while you are at it, throw in some matching pillowcases as well.


Decorate your windows using sticker decals or get crafty with a glue gun and draw some wintry and frosted snowflakes on it. If you are somewhat crafty with origami, cut out different Christmas shapes or patterns as well as snowflakes to put against window panes. The effect of sunlight coming through these models is wonderful.


Having a tiny space does not mean you have to forget the Christmas spirit for the holidays. If you know how to compromise space and decorating ideas, giving your flat that much needed holiday cheer is very possible as shown by the techniques above. Incorporate the five ideas above into your decorating process and invite Christmas not only into your hearts but your homes as well.


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