Redesigning Tips and Tricks without Hurting Your Wallet


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Imagine living in the same Avida Settings in Cavite for nearly a decade.

Now, envision yourself living with the same set of furnishings, furniture, and ambiance for ten years without a hint of a subtle change in your surroundings.

You are still undoubtedly making breakfast on the same countertop you used for the pies you made for your school fair years ago. And your living room is decked with the invariable decors and covered in the carpeting you once spilled milk on as a child—these are just a few of some scenarios.

To some, it may be a familiar comfort to live with the habitual surroundings, however, to most, this monotony is reason enough for a renovation. But, unless we want to break the bank, not most of us can afford to redecorate our abodes on such short notice—and there is so much you can do with just rearranging the furniture. The truth is, giving your home that welcomes and much-needed revamp and upgrading will cost you exorbitantly, but that does not mean there are no ways you can curb the cost.

In need of a dire home redesign but do not want to compromise your budget? Well, have a look at this article as it offers you various tips on redesigning and redecorating without hurting your wallet.


Kitchens that house stainless steel appliances look professional and beautiful. It makes it look inviting and modern as sculleries should be. However, stainless steel appliances come with a hefty price tag, and if you are seeking to buy a set or have matching pieces, then you are going to be paying an astronomical price. Giving your kitchen that modern finish does not always entail a complete appliance overhaul, you can minimize the cost by simply using a peel-and-stick contact paper with a stainless steel finish. With this, you can give your appliances that modern and stainless steel façade for a fraction of the price of the real deal.


Over the years, your switchplate (The ones that cover your light switches and electrical outlets) turn yellow with age or may get dirty. Install new ones in your home as these home improvement materials cost relatively cheap depending on the type of design you choose. Additionally, they are somewhat easy to install without too much manual labor involved in your part. Opt for patterned or decorative ones to give your switchplates a stylish and creative appeal.


Likewise, you do not need to shell out a ridiculous amount of cash just to change the general feel and ambiance of your living room. Simply giving your furniture a makeover—such as dressing them up in fabrics with a slipcover, or rearranging them in different areas of the room will give the entire room an overall feeling of being different. Additionally, this helps you create more space for legroom in the living area.


Art decals, sophisticated sculptures and intricate pieces of decorative furnishings are somewhat pricey and if you would invest that much on little details, why not work on the more significant information instead? Instead of these rather lush home adornments, make use of framed photos for a personal approach and a frugal alternative. You might want to change the frames to give your photos a brand new look. Purchase small decorative items such as mini-lanterns, new coffee table books, little pieces of modern art, brand new curtains, plants of various species—the possibilities are endless. Let these pieces serve as your contemporary finishing.


You will be surprised at how much clutter you have accumulated over the years and how much space they are taking up. Cleaning your flat and clearing it of all the confusion will give it that much-needed brand new feel and ambiance. Alternatively, should your flat already be spick and span, thoroughly scrubbed in every nook and cranny and cleared of your clutter then you can purchase candles, incense or air fresheners to give your home that brand new scent? Giving your home that brand new ambiance does not only mean revamping the visual aesthetics, you may also want to add olfactory appeal as well.

So there you have it, five simple and affordable ways to redecorate your home.  Remember, buying your home was already expensive enough, so why should that much-needed ambiance overhaul be costly as well? Utilize these five tips and give your home that much-needed makeover minus the hefty cost.


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