Moving 101: Expedite Your Moving Process With These Helpful Tips!

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Moving into your new home in  Nuvali in Laguna, Cavite or anywhere in the Philippines can be a cause for anticipation, excitement or stress.

And on very rare times all three.

Months before the moving day, you sit around the house making plans and packing items which do not need to be used every single day. However, as the days grow by and as the moving date draws nearer and nearer, you begin to notice that you have not packed most of your stuff at all.

If anything, you seemed to have accumulated even more stuff than you had before.

Just how did this happen? And just how exactly are you going to pack these many items into organized and neat boxes before the moving day? What if you might leave something behind? Or even worse, what if a box gets misplaced?

Well, fret and stress not as this article will help you plan your move appropriately and adroitly if I might add, weeks if not months before your moving day. Before you start packing those things inside different boxes, make sure you have thoroughly perused through this article first as it just might save you time and expedite your moving process.


Perhaps the easiest yet the most neglected step when it comes to moving, preparation is the initial phase that sets out the pace of your move. It varies for everyone, but a few essential elements that go into this is to make sure you acquire sufficient packing supplies and change over your utilities to name a few. Among the things to prepare you for your move, this might be the most time-consuming and detailed process, but it will reward you well by making your move less stressful and a lot simpler.

Preparation does not only mean securing boxes and making sure that all the items you own correctly fit inside each of those boxes. You would also need to obtain measurements of various furniture and appliances. Remember, these items may fit your old home well, but there is an enormous possibility they might not look so at home in your new flat.


Packing is more or less a bit stressful on your part considering the heaps and heaps of items you are about to sort into boxes. However, it is possible to break down this enormous undertaking by applying these while you pack.

Pack like you are going on vacation

Set aside your essentials and we will get the big stuff next. Your main essentials are clothing and toiletries which would fit in almost any standard carry-on suitcase. Though this is not a necessary step to make until the week before you move, make sure you put everything into that particular bag and try to live out of it. It may not be as comforting, but you will breathe easier knowing where your necessities are and you will not accidentally have them commingle with the rest of your belongings.

Sorting should come first

No matter how ideal packing by room may sound, it is never realistic. You do not want some of the appliances in your room mixing in with the futons, comforters, and duvets and this will not bode well for your fabrics.

Additionally, it may cause you added stress and added boxes seeing as it is hardly organized when contents are mixed. However, if this works for you then, by all means, stick to it. However, for flexibility and practical purposes, it would serve you better if you placed all the soft items such as pillows, blankets, sheets, etc. all in one place. So that when the time to unpack has arrived, then you can quickly grab the items from where they were sorted.

Label your boxes well

This is a crucial step as this assists you in keeping track of the stuff. Mostly, labeling your boxes would also serve as a guide as to which boxes should be opened and unpacked immediately and which ones can be left till later. Expedite this process by assigning color flags on your boxes as well as assigning red for those boxes that are to be immediately opened and green for those that can wait till later.

Make sure you have an inventory of your items

Everything you pack into your boxes must be inventoried and listed somewhere safe wherein the risk of loss is minimal which would be on your phone perhaps or on a tablet. This would help you keep track of your belongings and would let you know where each separate item has been packed. Should anything go awry or if any elements that get lost, you have this to serve as your basis.

Now that you have successfully finished this article, you can start your big move preparations, so that come moving day, you can breathe easy.

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