Pivotal Questions to Ask Before Moving In To Your Next Flat

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When it comes to purchasing a flat, it is the somewhat basic knowledge that location is key.

After all, this is where you intend to spend most of your life in, and apart from making it at least comfortable and memorable, there are certain aspects we need to consider as well. However, in our pursuit of the perfect key location, we tend to overlook other questions we should be asking before moving in.

Are you looking to move into a new home?

If you are, you should probably give this list a once over before doing just that as it may aid you in making a significant difference in your home buying decision.

How much is the real property tax?

Before deciding on which location to choose for your next home, having a budget is essential. However, when it comes to taking into consideration as to what is included in the budget, one should never neglect to factor in property tax. The price varies in every city depending on the location of the property you are looking to buy. The government imposes a real property tax on every person who owns real estate property in the country. Should you choose a property that is located in a gated and exclusive location ideally near business and city centers, then expect to pay a whole lot more than those who do without these.

Are there any sources of entertainment nearby?

Ideally, one would choose to live in a place near the office to avoid rush hour traffic. However, it would be best if you considered sources of entertainment in your area to live as well. After all, how can you foster great memories if you endlessly immerse yourself in work? Choose a place that is near parks and places that would offer you a fresh breath of air (literally or metaphorically) when you are out of the office and enjoy some free time for yourself.

Can you sustain the cost of living in that particular location?

You may have the best view of the city and all the possible entertainment amenities nearby, but you are living on a tight budget every single day and unfortunately for you, in some areas what you could have bought cheaply would be charged exorbitantly in where you live, again depending on your location. Consider how much your weekly groceries would cost by surveying the malls in the area before making your decision, or you might just end up having to live with an even tighter budget in your relentless pursuit for the perfect location.

Is it possible to go on foot within the neighborhood?

Apart from security issues, survey the neighborhood and see if it would encourage you to saunter about it. Scrutinize the minute details such as if their sidewalks are well equipped for walking (width and lighting) and if there are any places such as clinics, stores, and churches within walking distance. This would save you an incredible amount of transportation finances or gas money that could be allocated elsewhere. It also encourages you to live healthier.

Is there a reliable access to public transportation?

Suppose you have found an idyllic location for your home, but unfortunately, you would have to commute on your way to work. Then this should be taken into serious consideration. Find a location where the commute to work would not burden you so much. Map out your commute and choose the best mode of public transportation to use. Before finalizing a decision, give it a dry run and see if it gets you to work and back at home on time.

Is it safe?

Last, but not least of all is to ask yourself whether this neighborhood you are moving into is safe. Apart from surveying your potential neighbors, you should consider if the area is prone to flooding or if it is near a fault line. These are key things to consider in making sure you are living in a house that is safe from potential danger.

You may have finally attained that much-awaited dream of having your flat, but before making a hasty investment consider the questions that were listed above. With this done, you will be more confident and firm in your decision.

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