Expecting a Baby? Babyproof Your Condo Today!

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Young twenty-something couple Jayden and Harriet were moving into their first condominium in Alabang. The idyllic location, friendly neighbors, and fun recreational centers seem to cater to their needs. However, Henley is expecting a bouncing baby soon, so they made sure their location was a stone’s throw away from the nearest hospital.

Now, aside from considering the strategic location of their condo, Jayden and Harriet have to consider their little tot who is on the way. Apart from preparing a natural, comfortable and livable place to reside in, the couple has to make sure their condo is a safe environment for their baby. Condos might be a bit limited when it comes to space, but that does not mean that your children would have to constrain themselves in using the bedroom as the play area. You can be creative in creating space for your kids to play and stay safe while they are at it. But before you get to contemplating on the various areas in your condo where your children can potentially play, consider these childproofing and babyproofing tips first before letting those little tots lose inside your condo for a safer recreational activity.

Start with the most dangerous place they can potentially play: KITCHEN.

The majority of condominium units usually come with an “open layout” which means that kitchens are usually within sight upon entry and is readily available to anyone and everyone. This makes it a potentially dangerous zone for your kids to play in. This is particularly the case as the items found in the kitchen usually attract a toddler, ranging from the shiny metallic pans and knives to the colorful salt shakers and more poisonous substances. If these are kept within reach, chances are, your toddler might get a hold of them. To prevent this from happening, keep them out of sight by hiding them inside lockable drawers and cabinets (out of sight, out of mind). Additionally, store hazardous products in clear containers and label them accordingly.

Bathrooms are a potential hub of danger if inadequately childproofed

Bathrooms house many toxic substances as well so like the kitchen, this should be stored away and kept out of sight. Also, make sure you utilize a bathmat or a shower mat that would prevent not only your kid from slipping but you as well. Work with your interior designer and make sure that the outlets are far from faucets or areas where water pools to protect your kids and yourself from potential electrocution. Should this be inevitable, make sure after using electronic materials such as blowers and electric shavers, you unplug them.

The living room is where kids play the most.

Kids play in the living room the most as it is the roomiest area in the condo. However, living rooms can be quite dangerous for playtime most especially if the kids tend to get rowdy and rough. If you love antiques and glassware, it might be a good idea not to display them till your kid is old enough not to engage in horseplay in the living room. Additionally, as running around is a normal past time for toddlers, making sure your coffee tables and side tables have corners, and edge bumpers is a good idea. Windows should not have furniture anywhere near them so that kids will not be able to reach the window sills. If you have a balcony, keep it covered with a curtain and keep it locked. Utilize blinds without looped cords as this will pose a strangulation risk.

Even bedrooms need to childproofed.

Your baby’s crib should be positioned away from the window to avoid your kids from climbing out as soon as they learn advanced motor skills. Keep their bedroom cozy by using warm curtains and comfortable beddings and pillows. Make sure they can easily access their toys on low-lying shelves and cabinets.

So we have covered the four areas of your condo that should be childproofed. However, no matter how much babyproofing and childproofing you do, it is an undeniable fact that the best security children can have is when a parent is watching them as they play. These tips compounded with your watchful eye are two fail-safe ways to make sure your condo unit is a haven for your children to play.

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