How to Maximize Condo Space

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As a single and independent person living in his mid-twenties or his early forties, purchasing your  condo unit in San Lorenzo, Makati might seem quite expensive most especially if you are just starting out.

With urban living becoming the modern trend nowadays, more and more people opt to forgo the comfort of having their backyards in favor of living in a condominium unit. It serves its dual purpose: living near the bustling city while maintaining the feel, comfort and semblance of a home. However, condo units are getting increasingly expensive each year with its price rates depending on the size of the unit purchased.

As a consequence, many people would forgo condo space in favor of lower unit prices as a compromise. But though you might have opted to scrimp on the unit price, it does not necessarily mean that you have to pass up on the opportunity to have a comfortable and livable space. The comfort and feel of a home may still be maintained even in a limited area; the key is to maximize the space you have.

The tips below are just some of the creative ideas you can have in maximizing limited spaces:


Have a piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose: A couch by day and pull away/convertible bed at night.

With limited space, you have to maximize every space made available to you, and because this is so, it is much wiser to use up one corner for a piece of furniture which serves two purposes. In this way, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone, and if you choose funky, trendy and modern designs, you get a bonus too.

It would function as a wonderful centerpiece or ornament in your unit as well.


If you have little tots living with you, it would be unthinkable to give each kid his/her room in a small condo unit. So why would you compromise condo space by giving each kid his or her bed? Not only would it take away so much space, but it will also make their rooms look cramped.

Instead, have them use bunk beds, it stays in just one corner and maximizes the limited area. You save up on space, and it gives them more space for their playtime.


An assorted clutter of stuff and belongings can look pretty irritating in a limited space. However, if you own a lot of stuff chances are these are strewn and left almost everywhere giving visitors the impression of an unkempt unit. But, fret not as you do not have to bask yourself in eternal clutter should you live in a tiny unit space. What you can do instead is get creative with furniture: Have a coffee table with hidden drawers, a couch with several compartments or a bed that can serve as a shoe closet. This would make your unit look cleaner and livable.


Do not disregard tight and small areas.

These little areas are essential, remember you are trying to maximize every space in your unit possible so if you spot a small and neglected corner in the living room, have a piece of furniture stand there like a DVD rack or a magazine rack. The area underneath your bed can be the perfect spot for a shoe rack or a mini closet space.

Remember, do not leave any space idle as in maximizing limited spaces, every little corner matters.


Let’s face it; you are trying to maximize the limited space you have so it is better to donate or sell the items you have that you do not need.

Weigh your options and ask yourself this crucial question when you are parting with this miscellaneous stuff: Do I need this much clutter? Am I willing to forgo a comfortable, livable space just to keep all the existing things I have?

Living in a small condo space does not have to feel cramped as can be seen with these ideas. With these tips, you can make even the smallest of units look not only comfortable and livable but inviting as well.

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