Nuvali – An Emerging Day-Trip Destination in Laguna

Aside from Cavite, Batangas, Bulacan, Rizal, Pampanga and Pangasinan, Laguna is commonly frequented by the urban dwellers not just because of its proximity, but also its famous attractions. Recently, however, there is one place that continues to dominate the conversations as to what the best day-trip destination in Laguna – Nuvali!

                                                                                                         Image Credit

In less than one hour’s drive from Manila, you can experience what it feels like to commune with nature in every sense of the word. Located in Sta. Rosa, Calamba and Cabuyao, Nuvali is a human-made area that stands by the philosophy of Evo-living. Its primary goal is to transform landscapes into sustainable living spaces and build communities within these spaces. Nuvali is divided into Nuvali North, Nuvali Central and Nuvali South, each of which has exciting adventures to offer that can fill and make any day-trip to Laguna a worthwhile one.

At Nuvali North, you can find Solenad 1 and 2 (dining and shopping establishments), Seda Hotel (accommodation), The Monochrome (events place). Also, the One and Two Evotech (office buildings), Lakeside Evozone (business district), Rain Garden (rainwater catchment facility) and Evolving Center (corporate office). Guests are welcome to do boating on the lakeside while overlooking the scenic Nuvali. You can also do fish feeding while at the lake.

In here also, one can find The Fields. The Fields has 3 FIFA-sized football fields, two baseball fields, and three volleyball courts. There is also a multi-use outdoor clubhouse. From the clubhouse, you and your family can enjoy leisure biking, which is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of Nuvali. Nuvali also offers off-road cycling throughout the 50-kilometer biking trail. At some points, bikers are endowed with the majestic view of Mount Makiling. There are also pump and four-cross bike tracks for the more serious bikers.

Most of the adventures happen at Nuvali Central, nonetheless. There is Camp N, which is a site specifically built for outdoor recreations. The camping site is suitable for team building exercises and field trips.

For nature-lovers, there is a Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, 17-kilometer forest zone. Bird watching and other such activities can be done here from the view deck or gazebo. You must be there at around 5 am if you want to observe various bird species. Nuvali is also planning to plant at least 100,000 trees at the sanctuary. If you go there, you may participate in a tree planting activity organized by independent organizations throughout the year.

There are Greens and Patches, a 3-hectare farm and nursery. The area features thematic gardens (herbal garden, spice garden, etc.) Families can tour the entire area and harvest fruits and vegetables and have them cooked straight from the gardens. There are nipa huts for rent at the farm where visitors can dine. You can also attend organic farm lectures if you want to learn about the different plant species and their benefits.

Nuvali South is for the thrill-seekers. In here, you will find Republ1c Wakepark, a facility created for water sports enthusiasts. Wakeboarding is the primary activity in the park. A skate park is also under construction.

Indeed, Nuvali is a place where nature and man coexist. You will never run out of sights to see and things to do while here. In some areas, registration and booking is required. Nuvali can also organize a complete itinerary for you and your family, friends or colleagues.

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