Qualities of an Effective Real Estate Agent

effective real estate agent

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From An Agent’s Point of View

Real estate in the Philippines is one industry that never grows old. People from all walk of life, rich or poor, public personalities or private, government or individual, need a piece of land at least once in their lifetime. Thus, becoming a Philippine real estate agent is a career most people are considering to pursue. You can be your boss, have your own time, and be part of enriching the economy of the country.

From an agent’s point of view, here are some helpful tips to define you in the real estate field.

  • Passionate

They say passion is the fuel for a successful career. Do you love what you do? If you’re passionate about what you believe in, you have the enthusiasm to look forward to each day, good or bad, no matter what obstacles you may encounter. From passion arise determination. You’ll be tenacious. You won’t give up easily. There will be no room for anxiety, disappointment or self-pity. If you’re determined to do your job well, then you’ll be hard work.

  • Diligent

If you want to be effective, you need to be diligent. Do you want to bag the account? Be focused on your goal. Prepare the materials you need for the meeting – pictures, flyers, virtual tools. Knowledge is power. Do your homework. If you know what you’re talking about, then emerge confidence. And for every successful transaction comes experience.

  • Risk-taker

No matter what career you choose, it always takes the risk. Who knows which field would be the best for you? You won’t know until you try until you make a chance. Don’t let any opportunity pass. Be aggressive! You’ll be amazed how this could inspire the people you meet. Before you know it, you have the connections necessary to be useful in this field. Everything will follow.

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From A Client’s Point of View

Won’t it be better if you’re a “successful” agent rather than an “effective” agent? They say success is subjective. It entirely depends on the person. It could be different things to different people. Effective, however depends on the two persons involved in the scenario. The word “effective” connotes influence. There’s a relationship. Not just a simple – you sign this, we’re done. It’s a successful contract. In the case of real estate in the Philippines, if you’re an agent and you sell, like say manila condominiums to these big hotshots in the city, the agreement simply doesn’t end on signing the deed of sale. It’s more of – what else can we do together? You are THAT effective of an agent. More of this “effective” technique then comes personal SUCCESS.

Here are the things a real estate agent must be good at to be useful in the field, from a client’s point of view.

  • Communication

This is perhaps the most important thing an agent must master – the art of communication. It’s deeper than verbal. It’s complicated than non-verbal. It’s not just talking the talk, walking the walk. It’s about me (the client), not about you (the agent). You have to be interested in what your client wants. Ask questions. Then be compassionate. Be clear that you understand them. In case things are not going as planned and probably the exact opposite, pose the question: Is this what they need? Be honest with them. Clients respect honesty. Make suggestions. Make sure they are relatable so that communication grid will level up. Be flexible. Let your negotiation prowess take over. If in case after all the talking and convincing, they prefer to pass the opportunity, let them know you are always available in case they change their mind. May the outcome be positive or negative, still be responsive.

  • Knowledge

Clients deal with people who knew their thing. Respect is earned. Another way to earn their respect is, be the best source of information. Study the market. Learn what’s out there. Take a close look at the competition. Master the legal intricacies.

Once you conquer these qualities, both from an agent’s and client’s perspective, personal success is not far behind. Being efficient is the key.


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