Moving Somewhere? Find the Right Removalist With These Tips

After looking for a house and lot in Nuvali and buying the one that you can call your dream home, what’s next? Move in! So, how will you go about the process? Look outside for ‘Lipat Bahay’ signs? Not so. Will you entrust your possessions to a company with a questionable identity?  Definitely not.


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On the other hand, can you handle the moving in and moving out yourself? We have this tendency to do everything even if we are not experts in tackling the moving task. It is good for you if ever you can find someone who is an expert of this. If not, you might as well start looking for the right removalist.

Here’s how.

1) Investigate the removalist’s legal status

The majority, if not all of the full-scale moving companies, will claim that they are licensed. As an owner, it is your responsibility to check the integrity of such claim. You must never take a claim on its face value. Otherwise, you will just put your possessions at risk.

If you have the name of the moving companies, you can check it through Department of Trade and Industry’s website. Just click the Business Name Search tab, and you are ready to go. Some of the registered removal companies are Carepak Moving and Storage, Alliance International Movers, Goetz Moving and Storage, and Classic Movers and Forwarders.

2) Conduct a reputation research for each removalist

After verifying the company’s legality, logically, check their reputation. Ads are misleading, so don’t be a victim of such. What you can do is to check its website. Judging from what you see on its site, you can easily distinguish a company that can provide high-quality moving services.

When looking at their website, pay attention to the company’s affiliations. They commonly brag about this by showing logos of their affiliations and accreditations. This could mean that the company adopts innovative approaches by getting involved in the moving industry in the Philippines and abroad, in general.

If you can talk to some of your friends and neighbors, who have acquired services from a removal company, much better. Perhaps, they may also have recommendations of a removalist that you may have otherwise missed when shortlisting candidates. Consider those recommendations.

Alternatively, you can read online reviews. Feedbacks from actual clients are valuable in finding the right moving firm but don’t write off a candidate just because of a negative review. Notice how the company address the issue. Or, it could be that the client is too picky, demanding or adamant. We don’t know for sure. The only time to discard a candidate is when it has more bad feedbacks than good ones.

You can also check the social profiles of the moving companies. Nowadays, almost all businesses have a presence on the social networking sites. A strong presence indicates that it communicates with its target consumers and clients on a regular basis.

3) Look for added-value services

Perhaps, this will differentiate one mover from any other movers. You can browse photos through the company website’s gallery. Observe how the movers are disassembling and packing high-value items such as pieces of furniture, paintings, electronic appliances, gadgets, etc.

If the company doesn’t have an online gallery, you may still observe other features such as the materials they use in packing things and the process of transporting the valuables.

Another thing, what extra services does the company offer? Is cleaning the site included in the package? Does it provide pet moving as well? Does the company has its storage facility? These are just for the additional services to consider.

Red flags

Now here’s the tricky part.

First, a removal company must have a physical address. If it doesn’t, move on to the next item on your list.

Second, the removal company must conduct a home survey days before the move. The inspector should hand you a signed and written estimate probably on the day itself or at least after two days. Don’t sign anything especially a blank document.

Third, the removal company representative must hand you a copy of your rights and responsibilities. Or, the representative must explain you this at the very least.

It all boils down to one thing: if you do your part in scrutinizing your chosen mover, you will be better informed and equipped in selecting the right removalist. Again, you own these things, so you should protect them. Surely, you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste, right?

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