Condo Living Ethics – 7 Lessons to Live By

What we are witnessing today is residential buildings being erected in empty spaces in Manila, nearby provinces and metropolitan areas nationwide. With all the organized chaos happening around us, it is easy to forget our values. This should not be the case whether you are living in a house or a condo in the Philippines.


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Condominiums are no longer for professionals. Families, couples, retirees, and friends occupy condo units nowadays. With different backgrounds and lifestyles, it is easier to predict why conflict and tension may arise. We should behave like good neighbors all the time, but this is not a guarantee that everything will go okay more so when you can tag your next-door neighbor as plain inconsiderate.

Don’t be that person that everyone loves to hate. Here are ten life lessons worth keeping and remembering more so when you are living in a communal environment like a condominium building.

1) Respect common areas.

The common areas – stairs, elevators, corridors lobbies as well as amenities such as the swimming pool – are not yours alone. Well, you are a part-owner, but this doesn’t give you the right to treat them as extensions of your condo unit. Never vandalize these areas and be mindful of their cleanliness as others will use them after you. Also, not because there are housekeeping staffs to clean the areas, you will deliberately leave them dirty. Don’t.

2) Tone your voice down.

When passing through the passageways or even when in the elevator, the people around you would appreciate it if you tone down your voice. And that includes when talking to someone on your cell phone. The same  goes with your sound system and leaving your door open and making your neighbors hearing your blasting music. Don’t disturb others because you don’t want others to bother you either. You have no idea how much rest or sleep your neighbors’ need for that particular day, so be considerate of their conditions especially if you are fully aware of their night jobs, etc.

3) Keep odors to yourselves.

When cooking smelly food, don’t open your door to let the stinky smell out and fresh air in. Use your windows or better yet, the exhaust fan if you have any. Don’t let your neighbors suffer from the stench especially during the morning wherein everyone’s headed out.

4) Show some respect.

Building personnel (admin, security and maintenance) are there to help you. Treat them like your best buddies. Be watchful of your demands from them. Be mindful of their roles as well. Don’t curse them behind their backs when they turn down a usually unreasonable request. Say ‘Thank you’ every time they’ve done you a favor.

5) Follow the rules.

Rules are created for a reason, and that is, to ensure your safety and security and help preserve the value and prestige of your condominium building. By all means, abide by them. Cooperate and encourage others to cooperate, too. If the condo association requires that no pets are allowed inside the building, these means do not try to conceal them regardless of how quiet and small your pet is.

6) Keep private things private.

Whatever you are doing that your neighbors need not see, keep to yourself. Again, be mindful of open doors and windows or drawn blinds or curtains.

7) Respect your neighbors.

This cannot be emphasized enough. A greeting or nod will do if you are going to pass by or meet a neighbor mid-hallway. Don’t pretend that you don’t see him, her or them. Observe courtesy particularly when you are in the common areas. Show at association organized events. Don’t let them wait. Don’t gossip.


It all boils down to one thing – the golden rule! Just treat others the way you want to be treated, and everything else will fall into its rightful place. This is true whether you are living in a condominium or not.


Image credit: Manila Bulletin

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