The True Cost of Poor Home Maintenance

After buying the land for sale Philippines and building your dream house on it, what will you do? Of course, you need to care for it and for every little thing that comes with it, or you stuffed with it. You see, maintaining a home is not easy. However, not keeping your home can be costly. You may not realize it now, but each object that you fail to maintain or you maintain poorly will immediately pile up. Before you know it, you need to buy a new one without even exhausting the lifespan of that particular object.

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How to save money by simply taking care of your things?

Put simply; we are seeing lots of owned items that are not given proper care, sitting in the garage or yard rusting and wholly damaged. Good for you if you can immediately buy a replacement, but what if you have no spare money? These could be the things that you need, but will never be replaced because of lack of funds.

The question now is how can you protect your home from unnecessary damages and thereby unnecessary expenses? If you can, spend a few minutes in the morning before you take a bath or in the evening before you go to sleep checking the house. Check the obvious ones first on weekdays, and check other places like the attic, gutters, laundry area, etc. on weekends whichever is more convenient for you.

Start carrying the practice with personal things, too, like your clothes and shoes.  Treat and store them properly. These can save you a lot of money also if you are going to exert a little effort in caring for them. You might be surprised at how much you can save in just a few years. This can be a great source of pride knowing that you earn them by simply spending a few minutes in maintaining them.

If you can, you may prepare a home maintenance checklist. Put it somewhere visible to remind you of your task. Unless they fall on the repair category, most of the home maintenance tasks are simple. However, because they are many, homeowners mostly forget a thing or two or even more.

Another practical tip is never ignore the signs of damage. You hear your air conditioning system creak? There must be something wrong with it. Check it. What’s worse than you can do is to delay the inspection and necessary fixes. This can lead to more and costlier damages in the future. Not to mention, replacing damaged stuff is indeed an expensive undertaking as well.

The premise is do your part in extending the life of your possessions. In this way, you need not sacrifice the things that you want to buy for yourself and your loved ones because you need to spend your money buying things that must be prioritized. Also, there is no need to compromise your other savings goals. The rule of thumb is saving at least 1% of your monthly income for home maintenance and doubling it after every five years.


If the above discussion doesn’t convince you enough, did you know that not maintaining your home make your family house poor? A University of Illinois study reveals that for every 1% of the home that you take for granted, it is losing 1% of its value. If you deliberately ignore maintaining your home, then it will start to wear and tear earlier than expected. Unfortunately, you will not be able to resell it at a higher price because of its condition. What will you do? Start renovating? Only because you are going to sell it?  Probably not a good scenario that your family needs to suffer from it! So, give your home some TLC!


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