Why Live In A Mid Rise Condominium

Condominiums have long taken the Philippines by storm, and it is evident in the number of condominium buildings that can now be seen in many urban areas in the Philippines. While there are a lot of high rise condominiums, mid-rise condominiums are also growing in popularity.

Mid rise condominium

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If you are looking for a condo in the Philippines, it might be good to try to find something that will fit your needs and preferences among the many mid-rise condominiums that you can see in listings of Philippines properties for sale. To help you get a better idea of what these condos can offer, below are some of their benefits.

  • More affordable. Mid rise condominiums are often more affordable than their high rise counterparts. This is usually because mid-rise condominiums are sometimes less luxurious than high rise condominiums. A mid-rise condo also often offer fewer amenities and facilities. Furthermore, high rise condominiums are often better situated since they are usually closer to more commercial areas. The usual locations of mid-rise condos are often priced lower than the usual locations of high rise condos.
  • Less busy environment.High rise condominiums expectedly have more residents and occupants than mid-rise condominiums. This means that you can expect a quieter and less busy environment. Aside from these, the demographics in mid-rise condominiums are usually older, which also means less noise and fewer parties.
  • More accessible.Most mid rise condominiums are located in less busy streets. This means that you have better accessibility and better parking possibilities. You will also spend less time in the elevators because of fewer floors. This means you can get to your unit and to the ground floor in less time.
  • Greener surroundings.Many mid-rise condominiums are developed in such a way that the surrounding areas have more trees and greenery. For those who are looking for a compromise between the convenience of living in a condominium and living close to nature, mid rise condominiums offer a right mix of these.
  • Less congested.For every square meter of ground or lot area, a mid-rise condominium will have fewer residents than a high rise one. This only means that a mid-rise condo is a less congested living space regarding actual lot area that the structure is standing on and less congestion is almost always better than more congestion.

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