Six (6) Must-haves to put in a Guest Room

A couple of traits that help identify us, Filipinos, from the rest of the world are our sense of hospitality and friendliness. From inviting people to join in during meals and snacks to welcoming them to our homes to stay in for a night or two, the Pinoys are known to be very warm and generous when it comes to entertaining guests.

It is not uncommon to find out then that majority of the home properties have at least one guest room installed in their houses.

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What To Put In A Guest Room

Regardless if you have company in your condominium in Quezon City or you’re expecting a visitor in your resthouse in Tagaytay, here are some of the usual things to put in your guest room to make him feel welcome and extra special.

  1. Bedside Table. A bedside table is an everyday staple in any bedroom. Adding this will create a homely feel to the occupant. Install a nightstand lamp for light reading and a tray on top for his next personal items. You can include some kind reads too like paperbacks and magazines on the shelf in case he wants to unwind before retiring for the day.
  2. Extra pillows and blankets. As a host, you should always place yourself in your visitor’s shoes at all times. If you were sleeping over in a different house, what will make you feel more comfortable? Few pillows to snuggle with or a couple of blankets to cover you up on a chilly eve? Always anticipate his needs so he will not be compelled to bother you unnecessarily if he feels uncomfortable and homesick at some point.
  3. Hooks and hangers. Mount a few hooks around the area in case he wants to hang his jacket, jeans or bag. Have some hangers ready as well for his clothes and pants.
  4. Towel and other toiletries. It is normal to assume that he has brought his toiletries during the trip but having a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, bath and face towels on your stock will certainly boost your hosting skills.
  5. Water. Do not let him go down to the kitchen in the middle of the night just to have a glass of water. Have a mineral bottle in a store in one of the shelves for his easy access.
  6. Universal Charger. Ensure that you have an electronic charger for mobile phones in case he forgot to bring his. In this way, he need not borrow your personal one.

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