How To Make Your Space-Challenged Condo Look Bigger

Nowadays, a growing number of people are choosing to buy or rent a condominium unit because of the numerous benefits of living in a condominium building. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of living in a condo unit; one of which is the limited space that comes with it.

However, this should not deter you from choosing to live in a condo unit. If the only thing preventing you from buying or renting a condo unit is the limited space that these units offer, many space-saving solutions and strategies would help make your condo unit look and feel bigger. Whether you live in Ayala or in a condo in Sta. Mesa, the tips below will help address any space issues you may have with your condo unit.

  • Choose multi-functional items. Instead of having several items in your unit for different functions, why not look for an item that could serve several purposes at the same time? Choose furniture pieces that have additional built-in storage such as an ottoman that has storage underneath and can serve as a footrest too.
  • Let natural light in. A dark room will often look small. To make your living space look bigger, make sure to open up your windows to let the natural light in. This will also make your space look more welcoming and airy. You can also make the room itself look brighter by using lighter shades on your walls. Go for creams, grays, and pale shades of blue, yellow, and green.

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  • Get furniture with legs. Furniture pieces that are raised on legs can make a room look like it has more floor space. Also, these are often less bulky and makes it easier to clean.

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  • Use mirrors. Mirrors can miraculously create space where there is none. To create an illusion of a bigger room, put large mirrors on your walls. The bigger the mirror, the better.

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  • De-clutter. A disorganized condo unit that has a lot of clutter will easily look smaller unless you start de-cluttering and organizing your knick-knacks. Put away or throw away items that you are not using very often and the rest, find an inconspicuous area where you can organize them.
  • Choose fewer but larger furniture. Instead of having several medium- to small-sized furniture items, go for just one or two large pieces. This will help people in the room to visually focus on these furniture pieces, creating space around them.

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