Most Photo-Worthy Churches In Metro Manila

For Catholics, churches need not be grandiose and massive for them to serve their purpose. There are a lot of churches that are very simple but serve its purpose to its churchgoers. Frequently though, there are religious events, and occasions wherein Catholics look for churches that project well in photos. Important Catholic events such as weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and the like, are often photo-filled events. For events such as these, many Catholics look for photo-worthy churches. Below are some of the most photo-worthy churches in Metro Manila.

  • Binondo Church. For those who want a medium-sized renaissance-inspired church, the Binondo Church is a perfect option. The interior of the Binondo church resembles St. Peter’s dome in Rome, making the interiors worthy of many photos. The altar area is also very intricate and makes a play of lights and shadows.

Binondo Churh, Church, Philippine Church, Church in Philippines

                                                                                               Image Credit

  • Malate Church. The renowned Our Lady of Remedies Church in Malate is one of the oldest churches in Manila. A beautiful mix of Muslim and Baroque architecture, this church is a solid-looking stone structure that can provide a high contrast in many photos. Its interiors are simpler than other old churches, but it is perfect for those who prefer a more subdued atmosphere.

                                                                                                Image Credit

  • San Sebastian Basilica. For those who want to forego the typical old stone churches, the San Sebastian Basilica is the perfect alternative. This church has a beautiful, tall steel structure that can look very majestic in pictures. The beauty of its interiors is even more breathtaking with lighted chandeliers, intricately-painted ceilings, and colorful stained glass windows.

San Sebastian, Church, San Sebastian Church, San Sebastian Basilica

                                                                                                  Image Credit

  • Paco Park Church. If you want a church that offers beautiful structure and interiors, as well as picturesque surroundings, then the Paco Park church is a good bet. Originally a municipal cemetery, this church is the resting place of the famous GomBurZa priests. However, the church is a small chapel making it inappropriate for events with many attendees.

Paco Parck Church, Paco Park, Church, Church in Philippines, Church in Manila, Philippines Church

                                                                                                  Image Credit

  • San Agustin Church. A very popular church for weddings, the San Agustin Church is one of the four Philippine churches collectively known as the Baroque Churches of the Philippines. The intricately designed interiors of this church in Intramuros are popular for their beauty which can be easily captured in photos.

San Agustin Church, Church, Church in Manila, Manila Church, Church in Philippines

                                                                                                       Image Credit

  • Manila Cathedral. This historic church in Intramuros is not often using for weddings for nothing. The interiors of this church are simple yet very elegant. Its classy and remarkable beauty can be perfectly captured in photos and videos.

Manila Cathedral, Church in Manila, Manila Church, Church in Philippines, Philippine Church

                                                                                                   Image Credit


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