Filipinos prefer going to the mall

Filipinos are known for their shopping habits despite the fact that the Philippines is a developing country. Most of the people in the country love going and spending time inside the malls. When you pass through EDSA from north to south, how many malls did you see?

Even though there has been an increase in the rate of Filipinos using the internet and online shops became a trend, most Filipinos still choose to buy on traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shops. There has been a study conducted by Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Survey that 17 percent of the Filipino respondents have considerably changed their shopping habits, regardless of the increasing number of online stores in the last two years.

Most people prefer to go to the mall rather than buy stuff online. The majority enjoys the sights and sounds at the mall and also like to do window shopping in their spare time. Only 7 percent of the respondents trust in buying online than on physical stores. These people enjoy the convenience of the eCommerce industry than spending time on going to different locations just to buy some stuff. Ayala Land is one of the leading real estate provider and the company behind various malls all over the Philippines. Their malls include Market! Market!, Greenbelt, Glorietta, TriNoma, Bonifacio High Street, Marquee Mall, Abreeza Mall, Alabang Town Center, and Ayala Center Cebu.

These malls are situated in different bustling areas in the metro. Offering superb dining shopping, and entertainment experience, these malls cater not only local brands but also international brands from various parts of the world. Ayala Malls Group provides places where families and friends can have fun and spend time together.

                                                                                               Image Credit

Ayala Malls are designed with great architectural finesse and beautiful landscapes. These shopping centers also have brilliant yet relaxing ambiance. The styles include landscaped gardens, water features, themed zones, colors, and accents. Each of these places may be busy during the day, but it becomes colorful and lively during nighttime. These cater to a different range of products from food, electronics, furniture, and other kinds of stuff. They also accommodate world-class restaurateurs, retailers, and entertainment operators.

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