Top Philippine Summer Destinations

Summer is here once again, and people will be planning and flocking once again to various destinations in the Philippines to be able to enjoy the summer break. While some people troop to various resorts in the Philippines as early as the start of March, a good majority only get the chance to go on their getaway once school ends.

Since school is out for the whole two months of summer break, the malls in the Philippines will be equally frequented by those who have no plans of going away. Still, it is not too late to plan your outing anytime during the summer. To help you out, below are some of the top Philippine destinations you can choose from.

  • Boracay. A beach is always a go-to place for summers, and when it comes to beaches, Boracay is at the top of the list. Boracay, known for its powdery white sand beaches, is famous not just among Filipinos but also among foreigners. Some tourists visit the Philippines solely for Boracay and the summer months in Boracay are even more full with both Filipinos and foreigners alike.

  • Bohol. Another place known for powdery white sand beaches, Bohol is a tourist destination not just for its beaches. Bohol offers a visit to tarsiers, old churches, a manmade forest, and the famous Chocolate Hills. A summer in any of the beautiful resorts in Panglao Island will surely make your summer worthwhile.

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  • Banaue/Sagada. For those who want a break from the usual beach resort destination, a trip to Sagada and the Banaue rice terraces will refresh and reinvigorate you. Aside from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can also visit the Guihod Natural Pool, Matang-lag Bronze Smiths, and the Poitan Village. You will even get to enjoy a colder weather and fresh, healthy vegetables.

Banawe, Banaue, banawe rice terraces, Philippines summer destination, summer getaway

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  • Tagaytay. If you live in Metro Manila and do not have time for a long break during the summer, a quick trip to Tagaytay is just the thing for you. Only a fast 2- to 3-hour trip from Metro Manila, Tagaytay offers colder weather and the relaxing view of Taal Volcano. Some of the famous spots in Tagaytay are Tagaytay Highlands, Picnic Grove, Calaruega Church, People’s Park in the Sky, and many cafes, restaurants, and commercial establishments that litter the Tagaytay ridge.

Tagaytay, tagaytay in Philippines, summer destination, summer getaway

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  • Batangas. For a quick beach trip, Batangas is an excellent choice. For those who like some scuba diving or snorkeling, Anilao is the usual destination while for those who are looking for a more leisurely time at the beach, Nasugbu and San Juan are just some of the popular areas.

batangas, batangas in Philippines, summer destination, summer getaway

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