Romantic Ways to Propose

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Every girl dreams of that moment when their significant other would finally pop the question. It is one of those precious times when a girl will feel so loved and wanted that a guy would ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. But while many girls anticipate this moment, a lot of guys would be at a loss on how to propose. Of course, every guy wants his proposal to be unique, romantic, and memorable. Below are some ideas on how you can propose to your girlfriend.

  • Show her you’re ready for the future. Knowing that a guy has prepared for the proposal beyond that moment and the engagement ring can quickly sweep a girl off her feet. If you already have more definite plans for your future as a family, show her a picture of some homes property from DMCI or maybe even a condominium that is on sale when you propose, telling her you will buy whatever it is she chooses.
  • First date. Bring her to where you had your first date or where you first knew that you are in love with her and pop the question there. It shows her that you are sentimental enough to remember the beginnings of your romance.
  • Dinner by the beach. Bring her to the beach and plan to have romantic dinner with her. Setup a table right on the beach and have your dinner by candlelight. If you can arrange for it, have a string quartet serenade you during dinner or if you want something simpler, put romantic songs on your iPod instead.

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  • Shower her with roses and flowers. Wait for her to be away from her house or apartment and then fill it with candles, roses, and rose petals. Place the ring somewhere in the house surrounded by candle s with a note asking her to marry you.
  • Take her stargazing. Find out when the moon cannot be seen and bring her to an expansive field where you can lie down and look at the stars. Pop the question after making up a romantic story about the stars that you are looking at.
  • Build a sandcastle. Go to the beach and build a sandcastle for her. Place the ring somewhere in the castle and ask her to be the queen of your castle.

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  • Treat her to a trip. Bring her to a place that she has always wanted to go to and ask her to marry you there.

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