Newspaper Ads: Qualities of an Effective Real Estate Ad

Last time, we talked about the parts and elements of a real estate advertisement. On this post, let’s look into the four (4) main qualities that can leave an impact on the readers and give you the lead that you desire.


  1. Appearance. The overall look and layout can make or break your ad.

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  • Balanced Layout. Balance is essential so that the elements would complement and not overshadow each other. If you’re advertising for Makati condominiums for rent from Alveoleasing, assign one-third of the total layout to the headline, one-third to the body copy which includes the signature, and one-third to the illustration.
  • Simple format. Simplicity is beauty. Sometimes, too many images or too much words could shatter the desired effect. Keep it as simple as possible.


  1. Catchy headline. As the headline is one of the first things that your audience notices, use attention-grabbing headlines. The words should hold their interest for more than just two seconds. It should also persuade them to want YOUR offering, compared to others.

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  1. Complete and concise copy. Be accurate in crafting your body copy. Understand your potential clients, their wants, and needs so you can reach them through your advertisement.
  • Engaging Content. It should be easy to read. It should provide what they would want to know. If you’re posting a condo for rent ads, highlight the features and benefits.
  • Great offer. Do not forget to include what makes yours stand out from the rest. Offer them something they are not bound to refuse.
  • Screaming Call to Action. It should urge your prospective buyer to act. Induce them to take action not tomorrow or next week, but now! Show your contact information so they can get in touch with you quickly. Give your company details so they could easily remember you.
  1. Appropriate Illustration. Consider the rightness of the illustration you’re going to include. Would a property photo do? Perhaps a floor plan would create more impression. It should fit the mood of your target demographics.

One thought on “Newspaper Ads: Qualities of an Effective Real Estate Ad

  1. Spelling errors look unprofessional and they take away from your real estate ad. I remember reading one ad that said, “relax in the large backyard poo”. I’m really hoping that the author of the ad meant to say pool!.

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