Dos and Don’ts of Watching a Concert

Concerts are among the most popular events in the Philippines. There is always a good concert you can watch for each month whether of local artists or foreign ones. For those who have watched numerous concerts already, you know that there are some unwritten rules and etiquette for watching concerts. Even though many of these are common courtesy, knowing them will help keep you from making any embarrassing mistakes when you watch a concert or other musical performance.

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  • Don’t be late. While this rule is not so strictly observed for informal events, there are some concerts or performances that even close the doors once the event has started. It does not matter whether you came all the way from market-market in Taguig or you had to work until seven in the evening, maker your preparations early and make sure you get to the event venue on time.
  • Keep quiet. People go to concerts to listen to the performers, not to you singing along with your favorite artist or chatting and making commentaries to your friends. It does not matter even if you have a good singing voice because unless the performer is egging the audience to join the singing, people around you will probably not appreciate listening to you.
  • Limit your camera or phone use. If the event is the type that allows cameras and camera phones, do not take advantage of it by using it the whole time. Holding up your camera or phone can block the views of people behind you, and they will not like having it there for the entire duration of the concert.
  • Appreciate appropriately. The manner of appreciating a performance depends on the type of event it is. While you can clap, shout, and whistle during less formal concert events, you may be limited to quiet applause during appropriate times during more formal performances.

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