Basic Outdoor Activities to keep you fit and healthy

Research shows that enjoying the great outdoors not only reduces stress and increase positive emotions, it also promotes good health especially to those with high blood pressure and who have high risk in heart disease. Young or old, here are some of the basic outdoor activities you can participate in regularly to keep you fit and healthy.

Walking. Indulge in walks at least five (5) to ten (10) minutes daily then

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slowly build it up to fifteen (15) minutes two times a week until you are ready to up the notch to thirty (30) minutes several times a week. Once you are used to the workout, you can gradually increase the time to sixty (60) minutes. Walking is a simple and safe outdoor activity that anyone can practice. Be sure to do initial stretching and warm-ups prior to walking to prevent muscle pains or related injuries.

Running. If you’re a health buff, running can be a great option for you. All you need is a good pair of running shoes which you can buy from any shopping malls around the metro and you’re off to go. Quick tip though, when you do your shoe shopping in the Philippines: always make extra room for your toes. Comfort is a must!

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There are several marathon events sponsored by different agencies to promote running in Philippines. Join them! Not only will it benefit you physically, it will improve your social health as well.

Bike Riding. With the recent bicycle lanes set up in various parts around Manila, this activity is very helpful because you will get to enjoy your surroundings, you will also get to be fit and sexy. Ride your bike on your way to work. Explore the city by biking during weekends.

If you’re more of the nature type, you can still try bike riding, up in the mountains! Find a companion who loves adventure as much as you do. Plan your mountain biking Philippines adventure in the summer. Search for recommended trips online and download guides.biking, biking in Philippines, mountain biking, mountain biking in Philippines

Whichever outdoor activity you choose, remember this quote:

“Nature can do more than physicians.”

–Oliver Cromwell


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